Monday, August 31, 2009

US Open Tennis - WInner

Juan Martin Del Potro 2 units @ $16

Jelena Jankovic 2 units @ $15
Sirana Cirstea 0.5 units @ $210 (to trade)

Selections courtesy Sport is Made for Betting Blog.

Horse Racing - 31st August

Swan Hill R6 No 3 Saayeb - 2.5 uniits to win
Racing well and meets horses either past their peak or with poor fresh records.

Swan Hill R7 No 9 Schabacle - 3 units to win
Lightly raced improving type in good stable. Up in class but has shown enough to suggest he will be hard to beat.

Grafton R7 No 3 Cascade - 2 units to win
Has a class edge on some of these and back to a firm track which she needs. Query on 4kg female apprentice but horse likes to race on speed so hopefully she just gets it out in front and holds on.

Standard day at the office with all 3 losing and Cascade getting nutted in a photo at 11/2. Selection methods haven't altered in the past month just having a really bad trot. Got to stick with it and battle my way out. Thank god for the soccer and the AFL !!!!!!

Bank 86.85
Profit -14.15
Turnover 60.5
POT -23.38%

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Horse Racing - 30th August

Sandown R7 No 11 Bel Estar - 3 units to win
Improving type meeting a moderate group of stayers here. In good form with in form jockey on board. Hard to beat here.
2nd @ $2.50

Having a shocking run on the gallops at the moment which will hopefully change soon.

Bank 94.35
Profit -6.65
Turnover 53
POT - 12.45%

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Horse Racing - 29th August

In a rush to see the Bombers play Hawthorn so will be short and sweet.

Adelaide R3, No 2 Rose Darmore 3 units to win
Brisbane R5, No 6 Guiseppeno 2 units to win

No joy again with the gallops although Guiseppeno did run 2nd @ $6.00.

Bank 97.35
Profit -3.6
Turnover 50
POT -7.2%

Friday, August 28, 2009

AFL 29th August

Adelaide to win @ $2.10 vs Carlton - 5 units
Missed the good odds early in the week but $2.10 is sill overs. In fact they should be favourites. Why Carlton start favourites every week is one of the great mysteries of the world !!!!!

The Crows destroyed Carlton by 72 points. Unfortunately with the AFL season ending for Carlton next week the great money spinner will soon be ending.

Bank 102.35
Profit 2.4
Turnover 45
POT 5.33%

Horse Racing 28th August

Albury Race 6 No 3 Weekend Cash - 3 units to win
Racing consistently and saves its best for here. Doesn't mind the heavy and the opposition isn't much.

Another disgraceful ride which surely cost it the win. Oh well, you get these weeks sometimes. Have been ice cold on the gallops the last few days but the tide will turn.

Bank 96.85
Profit - 3.15
Turnover 40
POT -7.87%

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Horse Racing 27th August

Gosford R6 No 3 Real Try - 2.5 units to win
2nd @ $3.00

Smart win in good time last time out. Well be either up on the lead or well on the speed and there doesn't appear to be much pace in the race. Danger is the bottom one but it will be well back and is a bit of a non winner.

Remind to not bet in an 'apprentices only' race again. Looked the winner on the corner but got knocked over. By the time he got out the race was finished.

Bank 99.85
Profit -0.15
Turnover 37
POT -0.4%

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Horse Racing - 26th August

Nothing today - a few were close to being selected but just had one too many things against them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UK Soccer - 25th August

Leeds to beat Watford
2.5 units @ $2.10
Courtesy Football Betting (and more) Blog - see blogs I follow.
He has been spot on so far this season and always has a good reasoning behind his selections.

Nothing like an extra time goal. Leeds 2, Watford 1.

Bank 102.35
Profit 2.35
Turnover 34.5
POT 6.81%

25th August

Nothing for today.
Very skinny fields.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soccer Serie A - 23rd August

Genoa v Roma both have dodgy defences but excellent strikers. Expect to see some goals scored tonight.
3 units @ $1.85 total goals scored +2.5 (Betfair)
Genoa 3, Roma 2
Bet looked gone at 1/2 time with scores at nil all each but the 2nd half turned into a scoring fest.

Bank 99.6
Profit -0.4
Turnover 32
POT -1.25%

Horse Racing - 23rd August

Seymour R2 N2 Al Karam 2 units to win.
Meets a moderate field here and gets his chance to win.
1st @ $2.80

Seymour R5 No 11 Leica Rose 1.5 units e/w
Coming back from Saturday class and ran a very quick last 600 despite finishing down the track. Both starts 3rd up have resulted in wins ! Favourite will be hard to beat but Leica is likely to be overs so have to have an interest.

Sunshine Coast R6 No 1 Pertinence 4 units to win
Ultra consistent and should get gun run from Katsidis. Most of the others in field are either veterans or non winners.
3rd @ $2.70

Bank 97.1
Profit -2.9
Turnover 29
POT : -10%

Saturday, August 22, 2009

UK Soccer - 22nd August

Sheffield United to win or draw versus Reading
Asian Hcp (+0, +0.5)
4units @ $1.76 - Betfair

Reading still haven't scored in 3 games this season. United are a decent side who only lost 5 times away all last season. Think this is a reasonably safe bet.

Easy win for the Blades 3-1

I don't know if anyone is reading this but should I split the different sports up when it comes to bank, profits, POT etc ?

Bank 100.5
Profit 0.5
Turnover 20 units
POT 2%

Horse Racing - 22nd August

Randwick R3 No 1 Bejewelled - 4 units @ $2.50 or better
4th @ $2.80
Morphetville R7 No 1 Magical Pearl - 3 units @ $3.50 or better
1st @ $2.90
Doomben R7 No 2 Little Stranger - 3 units @ $3.00 or better
Unplaced @ $4.00
Kembla Grange R4 No 1 Forty Days - 3 units @ $4.00 or better
1st @$2.80

May have some more from Belmont and Toowomba later.

Even though two selections won they didn't reach the price required so we can't include.
From now on will be backing regardless of price as the confidence (my market) is built into the stake.

Bank 97.5 units
Profit -2.5 units
Turnover 16 units
POT -12.5%

Friday, August 21, 2009

Horse Racing - 21st August

Taree - R3 No 1 Fire Break - 4 units @ $1.60 or better
Down in class from Doomben Saturday C6 last time. Gets good run behind leaders, been running better times than the others and looks very hard to beat. There is a horse first up (Carbon Art) that has okay fresh form otherwise bet would have been larger.

Didn't see/hear the race but obviously came 2nd.

Bank : 104.5 units
Profit : 4.5 units
Turnover : 9 units
POT : 50.00%

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Horse Racing Thurs 20th August

Ipswich R7 N3 Papal Joy - 3 units to win, $3.00 or better.
Bit of a non winner but way down in class and looks suited.
1st @ $2.40

Port Augusta R5 N1 Lord L'anno - 5 units to win, $1.80 or better
Looks to have lengths on these and carries weight okay. Only query would have to be the jockey.
1st @ $2.70

Good start with both horses winning although Papal Joy started at $2.40 so we can't include in the statistics. The jockey on Lord L'anno was 4 wide throughout in an 8 horse field but luckily he was good enough to still win.

Bank : 108.5 units
Profit : 8.5 units
Turnover : 5 units
POT : 170%

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horse Racing - Wed 19th August

Was looking forward to posting some tips for today as with 4 meetings was positive that one would stand out.

Alas, nothing to bet on today so we'll wait another day for an opportunity.