Sunday, May 29, 2011

Golf - Byron Nelson Rd 3

Market after rd 3.

$3.40 S Garcia
$6.00 R Palmer
$8.00 G Woodland
$10 M Kuchar
$16 N Watney
$21 D Johnston, V Singh
$26 A Atwal
$31 J Rollins, R Imada
$34 J Overton, B Wetterich

Garcia, Singh and Wetterich are all good results whilst Woodland will be a huge result having backed him pre.

Course is apparantly going to play even tougher tomorrow with strong winds expected once again and the pins in final day positions. Woodland really appeals from this position. Big hitters will be advantaged given the conditions and being mentally tough will also be an asset.

On another note, its great to see a course on the US tour actually playing tough. Makes for great viewing and an interesting leader board.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Golf - Byron Nelson Rd 2

My markets after Rd 2

$2.05 S Garcia
$7.00 R Palmer
$9.00 N Watney
$17.00 T Petrovic
$21.00 J Teater, K Bradley
$34.00 R Imada, C Riley
$41.00 S Piercey

Really keen on Garcia from here. He was my top pick pre tournament and is tracking nicely for this. Competition behind him isn't much, he needs to win and course is turning out not to be a putting event.

Get long at the $2.80.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golf - Byron Nelson

Want to be on the big hitters and the two I'll be on initially are Gary Woodland and Robert Garrigus..

Also think Sergio is not completely out of it here too as he needs a good performance to qualify for the British Open. His game has been very good this year withh only his putting letting him down. However he may be able to get away with not putting so well here this week.

Will have more in depth market updates after the completion of each round.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Golf - PLayers Championship Pre Rd 3

Market after completion of Rd 2

$4.50 D Toms
$6.00 N Watney
$9.00 L Donald
$14 S Stricker
$16 G McDowell, H Mahan
$21 L Glover
$31 A Baddeley
$34 JB Holmes
$41 KJ Ckoi, M Kaymer

Blogger was down last night so couldn't add in markets post Rd 1. However took positions on Toms, Watney & Kaymer.

Am continuing to get long Toms & Watney here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Golf - Players Championship

My market pre tournament.

$22 - F Molinari
$24 - T Clark
$29 - M Kaymer
$32 - H Mahan, J Furyk, L Donald
$33 - T Woods, B Crane
$34 - N Watney, R Allenby
$39 - P Mickelson, M Kuchar, D Toms
$40 - S Garcia
$42 - R Fowler
$45 - B Watson, P Harrington
$47 - C Shwartzel, A Scott, I Poulter
$50 - S Stricker, S Verplank

Have had minor bets on Molinari & Clark @ $85 and $160 respectively to win. However the major bets have been in the T25 market with Clark an astounding (to me anyway) $5.50 at Sportsbet. I made sure I got a piece of that. The best I could get for Molinari was $3.25.

Good luck all.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wells Fargo - 4th Round

My market after 3rd round

$2.70 J Byrd
$4.80 P Perez
$8.00 S Cink, L Glover
$21 B Haas
$24 K Na, A Romero, B Davis

No real overs there so am going to leave it alone for the moment. Have got Perez and Glover going for okay results and even if they fail the B Davis top 25 bet pre covers me nicely.

Wrap Up:
Have been blessed with playoffs this year with Byrd, Woodland & now Glover all winning and giving me an optimal result.

Turned out to be a good event for me with Brian Davis easily filling a top 25 finish at the nice odds of $6.00.

The T25 bets are really worth their weight in gold.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wells Fargo 3rd Round

My market after 2nd round. Value runners in green.

$4.40 P Perez
$7.00 B Haas, P Mickelson
$8.50 J Byrd
$10 L Glover
$16 S Cink
$21 C Petterson, W Simpson, V Singh
$24 B Davis
$34 S Marino
Rest $41 or better

Of the players in contention, have long positions on the above highlighted players plus Senden & Toms.

By the way, am very sad to hear of the passing of Seve. He was one of my heroes as a kid and I'll always remember that confident stride down the fairway. I can only imagine how huge he was in Spain.

RIP Champion.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wells Fargo 2nd Round

As I mentioned before, am trying something a little bit different with the blog - especially the golf betting.

Here's my market after Rd 2. Note these are based on my pre tournament rankings and then adjusted after scores each round.

$6.50 : D Toms
$8 : B Haas
$13 : R Fowler
$15 : L Glover
$18 : J Byrd, S Garcia, P Perez, P Mickelson
$21 : R Moore
$24 : C Petterson, V Singh, P Harrington
$27 ; S Appleby

Rest $31 or better

Toms is still significant overs at the moment so haven taken another long position him after Rd 1. I could entertain thoughts of backing Glover, Garcia & Petterson but personally they're just not offering enough value for me at the moment.

Phil seems unders @ $6.20 and is definitely layable given the stage of the tournament.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Golf - Wells Fargo

They've just teed off so excuse me for my lateness.

Am going to do things a bit differently with this blog for the time being as I am finding myself getting a bit stale.

Win bets Pre Tournament
Small bets on Toms, Senden & Hoffman all of whom I think are over the odds

Top 25 bet
Brian Davis